Discover how we craft beautiful countertops from natural stone.


There is no room for error when it comes to working with slabs.  Our state-of-the-art software and machines (and people who know how to use them) transforms slabs into masterpieces for your home.  Our step-by-step system insures a smooth and worry free experience.


The first step is contacting us and visiting our showroom!

We know... you want to know "how much". The price of quartz and natural stone varies tremendously so the cost of your project will depend a lot on the color and material you choose. Create a simple sketch of your project and bring it to our showroom and we'll work up a price on the spot. You can then walk the slab yard with your price list and see what it would cost for every color we carry. It is that simple!

Sketch your kitchen for a complimentary estimate.

We would like you to make a simple sketch of your kitchen. This makes it easy for us to give you a complimentary quote.  Please click the on the sketch below for a simple example.

A sketch of your project makes estimating it easy.

Select your stone... you have choices!

We carry over 80 colors in stock!  With your estimate in hand, walk our slab yard and find out just how affordable your selection is.  Remember to bring a cabinet sample (door or drawer will do) to help coordinate colors.

View our current inventory!

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Your project is measured using very accurate digital technology.

From start to finish we use digital technology to measure, cut and mill your countertops.  Using our Proliner measuring device our accuracy is precise.  Where required we scribe to walls and panels to insure the granite follows the bows and bends.

Our templating technology ensures your parts fit perfectly

We nest your countertops onto slabs.

After the measuring and CAD (computer aided design) work is completed, we photograph your slabs and nest the CAD drawing onto the slabs.  Our goal is to make your kitchen look as seamless as possible.  We will send you pictures of the layout.  We do not cut without your approval of the final design.

Our layout software insures that the veins line up!

After the layout....it's time to start cutting your stone.

Using the CAD drawings, our automated 5 axis cnc saw will cut your countertops with precision. This Italian made saw makes quick work of a slab .

Our automated cutting is both precise and fast.

Then the cnc milling machine mills and shapes the stone.

Sink cut-outs, radius's, edging, etc. are all done on using the latest cnc technology. With a little bit of hand clean up and finishing, your countertops are ready for installation in record time.

CNC milling produces quality unmatched by hand fabricators.

The parts are ready for professional installation.

It's time for installation and our skilled installation techs know how to install stone the right way. Our techs can make your seams virtually disappear; they are trained to top polish seams to factory finish. Installation comes with a 10 year warranty!

Done right and on time... it's how we rock!

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